Pecking Order

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For our business proposal assignment our group came up with an enterprising service and product for the post consumer. Basically we are a company that allows you to raise your very own chickens and produce home produced organic eggs.

  • We support a new self-efficient, sustainable lifestyle and aim to supply our customers with the knowledge and tools to take there first steps into this new experience.
  • We offer you the opportunity to hand rear your very own chickens, supplying you with fresh organic eggs, meat or even just the company of a feathered friend.
  • All you need to know and more is provided by us to insure that you gain the full potential out of your investment.

We design our company so that the main route to our services and products is through our website

This website provides all the information needed to buy and use our product;

  • Information about our company and our sustainable values
  • An online shop that allows you to order your incubated egg, new born chicken or any other products needed for your use.
  • A detailed FAQ page that answers all your queries on how to raise the chickens, how to breed the chickens, and even the less attractive questions on how to humanly kill the chicken.
  • There is a news feed that updates customers on whats new and also on our farmer’s market presence. This is an important part of our business as it is our main advertising campaign – we visit the towns of Scotland to promote our company through the local farmer’s markets for a more hands on approach with our customers.
  • There is a contact page that you can apply for a job through, volunteer and donate.

My main input into this project was the design of the website, however i contributed to the research into the services and products that we were to provide.

I made sure that all the groups input was valued and considered when designing the website. We worked as a team to decide what information was needed on the website and what was valued the most.

Together our team worked well together, breaking the work load into equally amounts and meeting up regularly to catch up on our findings. Our group came out as a more activist personality style however I think this worked in our advantage as we were all very ambitious and driven to get the work done.


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