Procrastination leads to success!!

It’s amazing how I manage to find my most useful inspiration and research purely through sheer procrastination!…

Currently our project has been encouraging us to revisit our artist within! We have become stiff with our computer imagery and boring old CAD drawings and it doesn’t give us much uniqueness to stand out from each other once we emerge from the safe perimeters of ART SCHOOL!

We have to visit forgotten spaces in and around Dundee and sketch/mix media/ record in any way possible the site and its surroundings, its experience and influence on the adjacent areas basically an experimental site analysis.

This task is to help us find our uniqueness our style, however that doesn’t mean not to check out other designer’ styles…like William Blake says,

“The difference between a bad artist and a good one is; the bad artist seems to copy a big deal. The good one really does copy a great deal.”

So lunch break came and browsing began and I came across two designers in the Icon magazine online who both showed immense passion in sketchbook as a major part of the design process. First off is a quirky designer Dominic Wilcox who’s “Forgotten Sketchbook” explores unlikely and peculiar design concepts that basically put a smile on our faces. His style is simple but confident and his drawings show the potential of his designs and concepts. (First 6 are Wilcox)

The next designer i found was Aitor Throup who graduated from RCA and is a menswear clothes designer. I found his sketches for his concepts and designs were original and energetic capturing the function and style of the clothes line. His collection When Football Hooligans Become Hindu Gods particularly interested me as his sketches are amazing as with the concept behind them. (Last 6 are Throup’s)


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