Grape Jewels

This is another blog dedicated to Dominic Wilcox…

He gave himself the task of ‘Speed Creating’ in  30 days: a design creation everyday. This project allowed him to think fast and think instinctively in order to produce even more creativity throw the quick designs.

Day 21 was the day of the grapes. I just though the delicate treatment and attention to detail with this creation was perfect for the object and context of the grape. He wanted to ‘dress’ the grape in order for the eating of the grape to be significant (almost like the image of a servant pealing a grape for a queen). In his words “Grapes are little juicy jewels to me and I wanted to treat them as something deserving of special attention.”   

So his following creations consisted of the grapes being wrapped or coated in order for the task of eating the grape to be momentous in a sense. To revile the grape it must be carefully unwrapped or peeled.


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