Sensorium … GIDE 2010/11

We are currently taking part in an international project that involves 7 different countries and will be hosted in Germany, Magdeburg. GIDE offers a broader view of our discipline in order for us to experience different techniques methods and design approaches.

Our brief was to design an exhibition in the DSA in Dundee that fitted with the theme of fabrication. We researched exhibition design and fabrication and were led onto illusions and the tricking of the sense. Influenced by the Orange Imaginarium exhibition which was a very sensual experience we decided to take the subject of senses and develop it into an exhibition.

Our main message of the exhibition is to express to the users how our sense build up to either confirm or confuse reality. The journey is taken through first through a room with 5 areas each concerning the 5 senses, vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell. The size of each area is determined by the level of usage of that sense. (Vision is the whole room). When you experience the first sense you look through a peep hole and see the room as a whole, it seems empty but really there is an anamorphic illusion that causes the background to blend in with the foreground. As you then walk about this part of the exhibition you realise that there is more to the room.

Each sense is behind a wall and the touch wall is simply a large fur wall, it is to show the viewer that even though you may be in an exhibition the urge to touch and feel a texture so obvious is very hard to resist.

The hearing area is a representation of a forest to play with the concept, If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear is does it make a sound? The tree like forms allow you to interact with the exhibition by standing under them or putting your hand through them, it is only when the presence of the user is there that they will hear the sounds of the exhibition. This makes the user question the perception of the sense leaving them to think about how they perceive reality.

The smell area represents the memory of smell. It is the strongest sense to produce memories and each person has a different smell memory. There is a physical timeline attached to this wall each stage represented by a box that contains a visual and a slight sent of a memory. The memory itself is left up to the user to determine as I said each person has a different smell memory.

The taste area plays on the idea of a matter of taste it quite simply shows a mac book in a cake dish made out of chocolate! It is to show the different connotations of the sense of taste and how people may perceive that.


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