Modern Age … New Demographics

Development on the concerns of design for the elderly;

  • It should be transgenerational
  • Patronization isn’t going to work
  • It shouldn’t segregate the generation from others
  • It’s not designing for the elderly, it’s designing for the larger market!

To get a better understanding of the generational differences in society I worked on a visual profile of each demographic:

Baby Boomers

The Sunshine Teens

These profiles allow me to design for the elderly by designing for everyone, the old want to be the young and the young want to be young forever! Everyone feels the same way towards aging and designing specifically for the elderly generation singles out that group when all they want is to be integrated in society.

From the profile of The Sunshine Teens  I will be able to project an estimated profile for their future – as our future oldies! Their needs, concerns and wants will become the basis of my design for the adaptable, changeable growing comunity that I proposed for my intial RSA Modern age project.


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