Bomb Project

From the 1st November to the 3rd the DJCAD open day tours took place and to encourage activity within the studios a three day “bomb” project was given out to all 4 years. This rapid collaborative project allowed the years as a whole to interact with each other as well with the studio space.

In our groups we were to collectively create a 3D conceptual interpretation of a building typology between dwell, play, shop, learn, care; our group’s typology was play.

We literally “played” with the concept of play and developed connections between child play and adult play; between the idea of play within the working environment and the type of play we do to get away from work; the infectious play that happens within the studio projects and how we respond to ideas and processes.

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We took the playful object of a balloon and experimented (played) with its form, texture, material and visual affects it has on a user. How a singular balloon can be transformed into a modular form with quantity.

We documented our progress with the project and it showed how we again literally “played” with the concept and had fun with the construction of an infection form that inhabited the interior design studio. We built up the balloons and let the spatial structure take form and adapt as we went along, infecting the space that it occupied.

Not only did the 3D structure spread physically but also word spread through the college and people came up to the interior studios as they had “heard about the balloons and had to come up and see them”. This design became infectious not only visually but it evoked curiosity.

The main element of play is fun and our experience of the “bomb” project was defiantly of that sort!


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