So the dissertation begins …

19th October

This time our study group met up to discuss the beginning of our dissertation topics by brain storming and mind mapping allowing us to develop and refine our topic. Each of us briefly described our research so far and discussed how our interests brought us to the topic.

We recorded our research on a group mind map to allow us to reflect on the groups ideas. A few of the group members took their wiki subjects further as it was a topic they were very interested in and had a lot of research for (Mhairi McDowall, Ethical Labour). Claire McCreath’s topic related specifically to her design discipline, Textiles, looking at the way people interact with objects and textiles – the touch, feel and textures of fabrics.

After the initial group meeting i took my subject and researched further into my idea and interest in my subject for the dissertation with the use of spider diagrams and mind maps.

For my topic I am looking at the physiological effect that spaces can bring to human experience. It is a broad term that needs refining but it is starting point at the least. My mind map takes me through different aspects that effect the research for this topic. Senses, atmosphere, awareness, experience and the simple idea of “what makes a home a home?”. I will look at the physical aspects of a space and environment that would affect the emotions, feelings and atmosphere for the user; what factors are relevant to create an experience and also the perception of space.  

On the 27th we will be taking part in a dissertation workshop to allow us to develop our topics further and help us move on in the process.


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