Design History Theory and Practice

Working in groups allows us develop skills within a team orientated atmosphere; an environment that will continually be put in front of us through our professional careers. Our group meeting are important to the structure of our assignments allowing us to collaborate and interact, the recording of these meetings are also essential as they help with the process of researching.

As our first assignment is to produce a “Wikipedia” entry that is centred within the design subjects (selected from a list of subjects) an initial meeting was set up so that we could discuss and choose topics for our entry.


16th September 

Our initial group meeting was fairly easy as no one chose topics that were the same; everyone’s first choice was the subject that they got. We then went on to discuss how we would go on to research our chosen subject as a starting point to the assignment. Listening to everyone’s approach to researching the subject allowed us to take tips and suggest alternative methods for our group members to take.

Me – Branding and Design

Andrew – Digital Economy and Design

Kitty – Crime and Design

Thomas – Social Networking and Design

Justin – User centred design and Design

Mhairi – Ethical Labour and Design

Mairi – Perma-culture and Design

Claire – Consumer Culture and Design

Before ending the meeting we made sure to get contact information and arrange another meeting in a week’s time, when we would discuss our research so far in the form of a mind map.

23rd September

The follow up meeting allowed us to compare notes and mind maps and allowed us to contribute to each of our group members topics. A fresh eye for the topic was a good approach to helping us get further into the subject, as we are all from different disciplines we can each add a different input to the group. From our individual mind maps that we had created we then created a larger one that included all of our topics and encouraged us to discuss further into the subjects.

We will be meeting up again to discuss our finale “Wiki” entries before we submit them in order to check that we have all followed the guild lines to the assignment.


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