Monthly Archives: January 2010

Back in the swing of things


Back to reality and already swamped! Suppose it’s the change from being super lazy to having an actual routine…

Anyway, getting started with our new sustainably project -Reuse, Reduce, Recycle – investigating current issues in design; designing green, being Eco, saving the world! Well a little bit at a time. Researching into the topic did give answers but it also opened up more questions. Got so much more to learn.
Upcycling is a main issue in the brief, the idea of recycling is a good start to being Eco friendly but upcycling gives you proof of the benefits. For example if you recycle your glass bottles into something better than it was before then your upcycling, creating something better just like these…
TranSglass, Boontje

Were upcycling as part of the project, creating a book from recycled material, not just a scrapbook, something that’s personal and better than the product was before.

Margaux Kent