The 12 Mums of Christmas


I’m taking advantage of my festive mood and blogging about Dundee’s Overgate campaign – ‘The 12 Mums of Christmas’. I was starting my Christmas shopping the other day when I first noticed the large advert posted along the outside of an unopened shop. I think I must have walked past the ad maybe 5 times just so I could count the 12 mum’s and every time it made me smile!

I’m not a mum myself but it still had the desired effect on me, with each character of ‘The Mum’ you could see how the Overgate was saying it could meet their needs. In my opinion it was a very clever idea – a twist on the traditional ’12 days of Christmas’.

Throughout the centre I would occasional see a different ‘Mum’ character, and as if I was a kid again I’d look forward to seeing another of those 12 characters. It’s a great advertising technique, putting emotion into the design will create a memory; reflective design; it gets the message through effectively and quite simply, pleasing.

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